Honeybees attack Chiru, Cherry and Upasana

K.Umapathy Rao(92), grandfather of Upasana breathed his last week. His final rites were delayed as her daughter Sobha who is settled in the USA got delayed to come to India.

Upasana’s grandfather, K. Umapathy Rao was the first EO of TTD and a renowned Urdu Poet was, popular for his Shayari. His final rites are performed today at Domakonda Gadi Fort. Earlier his body was placed in the fort for people to pay respects from 9 AM-11 AM. Collector Sarath Kumar, Jt. Collector Yadi Reddy, Asst.Collector Tejas Nandan Lal Pawar, Addl Collector Venkatesh Dotre, paid respects to Umapathi Rao’s dead body.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi, wife Surekha, his son Ram Charan, wife Upasana attended the final rites. While arrangements were made for the final rites, honeybees suddenly attacked Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Upasana, Surekha, and others.

This created panic in the place and security guards who are alert shifted them safely into the house. The rites are performed after honeybees left the place.