Did Kangana release Sridevi’s postmortem?

Yesteryear actress, Sridevi’s death makes one grow suspicious over the happenings though Dubai cops made clear that the death was natural and Sridevi died in a natural manner.

In the meantime shocking rumours came that Kangana Ranaut shared a copy of Sridevi’s autopsy report and it increased suspicions over Sridevi’s death. In the autoposy report, it was mentioned taht Sridevi was “clearly forcefully fed” cocaine and whiskey, had three injuries, and it was “not a natural death”. It further says Sridevi had passed away “due to toxic reactions from external toxins injected and not naturally encountered”.

The report also had the letterhead of the United Arab Emirates ministry of health and prevention. When contacted, Kangana Ranaut’s team rubbished the reports saying Kangana was not there on any social media platforms and so it was not Kangana who released the fake autopsy report on Sridevi’s death.

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