Beer in theatres-Any takers?

The entire film industry suffered huge losses due to the lockdown following the strike of pandemic across the world. Tollywood suffered huge losses as the film releases and shootings got postponed and stalled until further notice.

Many are of the opinion that normalcy may not return in the near future even after the lockdown is lifted due to corona fear. In the midst of all this, Nag Ashwin sharing his views on how to make people throng theatres came with a shocking suggestion.

Sharing his thoughts on social media he said “Once In a talk with Suresh babu Garu and rana, it came up what if theaters get a license to serve beer/breezer/wine, like in other countries..could it increase footfalls…could it save the theater business (which does need saving)…wat do you think? Good idea, bad idea?”

People slammed Nag Ashwin for the suggestion. Nag Ashwin is currently set to direct Prabhas in a pan world entertainer. The question is are there any takers for serving beer in theatres.