30 Years Pruthvi in quarantine

Popular comedian 30 years Pruthvi got himself admitted in a private hospital. He has been suffering from severe illness for quite some time and with the illness not reducing though he used various medicines, he got admitted in a private hospital yesterday night in Hyderabad. Prithvi’s illness and his admission into the hospital came as a shock to everyone.

Pruthvi shared a video in which he revealed what actually happened to him. He said ‘ I have been suffering from severe ill health and fever. I got myself various tests done. In some I got covid negative result while in other I got covid positive. The authorities asked me to undergo CT scan. Doctors told since in some tests I got negative, they asked me to join in quarantine. So I quarantined myself from 3rd midnight. So I am still in fear. Waiting for good health. I pray for the blessings of Lord Venkateswara’.

Pruthvi recently joined YSRCP and after YSRCP victory he was even made the chairman of SVBC channel. However a huge controversy erupted and he was forced to resign from the post.

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