Ticket Rates To Be Hiked For Aadipurush?

Prabhas’ highly anticipated film, Adipurush, has garnered significant hype. However, there are reports suggesting that the ticket prices for the movie in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana may be increased. Adipurush, a big-budget production, features Kriti Sanon as the lead actress and is based on a mythological story from the Ramayana. Directed by Om Raut, the film is set to release on June 16.

Adipurush is being hailed as a visual spectacle, utilizing live motion capture technology, with a budget of approximately 500 crores. To recover the substantial investment and generate profits, the producers and distributors are considering raising ticket prices for the movie.

Interestingly, increasing ticket prices for star-driven films has become a recurring trend. However, it is worth noting that audiences have rejected such hikes in the past. Despite the hype surrounding Adipurush, the response from the audience remains uncertain.