Then Samantha, Now Niharika

Niharika has also been observed going on vacations to Bali with her friends, much like Samantha, but without her husband. This has led to speculations and whispers among people, suggesting that Niharika might have also divorced her husband. The fact that she is traveling abroad without her husband after marriage further strengthens these suspicions.

In recent events, Niharika’s husband, Chaitanya Jonnalagadda, visited Tirumala Srivara with his father, but Niharika was notpresent. Furthermore, Niharika and Chaitanya have unfollowed each other on Instagram, indicating a possible strain in their relationship.

While Niharika and Chaitanya have not officially declared their intentions to divorce, the current circumstances suggest that the situation remains unchanged. Niharika’s solo outings and the lack of public togetherness seem to indicate that the couple may be headed for a divorce.

Reports suggest that both Nagababu and Chaitanya’s families are displeased with the separation of the couple. It is also mentioned that the family members’ efforts to reconcile them have proven unsuccessful.

It is worth noting that the divorce rate among celebrities has significantly increased in recent years.