Theatres opening : Survey gives a shock

Film industry across the country has taken a huge beating following the outbreak of corona virus pandemic forcing the Union Government to impose tough lockdown and closure of all establishments.

All the activities in the film industry came to a stand still and with no shootings, releases and theatres closed, everyone is staring at a grim situation. When the unlock procedure started all eyes are on Film industry as they hoped for the early opening of theatres.

Many multiplex business and single theatre owners expressed their displeasure when the Union government allowed the opening of gyms and other establishments but continued closure of theatres.

Now with the reports coming that the central government is mulling the opening of theatres by August end and it is mandatory for the theatre managements to follow strict safety norms, many expected people to get excited and show interest in coming to theatres.

But a survey came as a rude shock to theatres management as more than 45% preferred to wait till corona goes way completely. 21.3% said that they would come to theatres to watch select films and 24.8% said they will come to theatres as soon as theatres open. 7.9% said that the would wait for 2/3 three weeks before they take a final decision.

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