The next big target of Biggboss4 house after Amma Rajasekhar elimination!

After Amma Rajasekhar’s elimination the atmosphere in the house seems to be very calm. Meanwhile when master was in the house he was with Ariana, Avinash and Mehaboob as a group. It was also seen that most of the time Ariana and Avinash supported Master. 

However, in the Monday’s episode it seems that Ariana from Master’s gang has become everyone’s target in the nomination process. It is understood in the latest nomination that it is the reaction of housemates to Ariana’s treatment of the members of the house when she was a captain. 

It seems that all the members of the house have strongly targeted Ariana. We can also see house members mentioning how rude she is during the tasks. As per the yesterday’s episode it is understood that all the housemates have clung strongly against Ariana in the nomination. The same way it is also seen that Sohel and Ariana as usual have clashed again fiercely. It is learned that Monal, Abhijeet and Mehboob also countered Ariana strongly during the nomination. 

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