The Movie ‘Arya’ Changed My Life – Icon Star Allu Arjun

Icon star Allu Arjun portrayed the titular role in the movie ‘Arya,’ marking creative genius Sukumar’s directorial debut. Produced by Dil Raju and Sirish under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations, the blockbuster hit was released on May 7, 2004. Celebrating two decades since its release, the film unit commemorated the milestone. Icon Star Allu Arjun, Star Director Sukumar, Producer Dil Raju, Music Director Devi Sri Prasad, Cinematographer Ratnavelu, Siva Balaji, Subbaraj, and others graced the event.

During the celebration, Shiva Balaji shared, “Every scene in the movie ‘Arya’ is an unforgettable memory for me. Dil Raju garu led like a guru. I will never forget every moment of working with Sukumar garu.”

Actor Subbaraj expressed his gratitude, saying, “I got an opportunity in the movie ‘Arya.’ They gave me a character that will be remembered not for 37 years but 67 years. Hats off to Allu Arjun.”

Cinematographer Ratnavelu remarked, “‘Arya’ is an unforgettable movie for all of us. We all enjoyed the movie ‘Arya.’ Thanks to Dil Raju garu for making such a good movie.

Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad said, “There are few films where people celebrate with us. Arya is one such movie. Heartfelt thanks to Dilraju garu for giving us such a movie. Because Arya is not only a movie, but an unforgettable memory for all of us. I don’t know when Sukumar introduced the concept of one-sided love, but the whole world loved it. I have friendly love for bunny. The love and affection we have with our families can also be the reason for it. No matter what we did, everything was treated like a washed pearl. Even after watching the movie, it feels like it has just been shot. Bunny created a trend with Arya, upgrading himself with every film and learning new things. Thanks to our actors and technicians who worked on this movie.”

Producer Dil Raju said, “Everyone who started with the movie Arya is in the top position today. It is the first time in Indian cinema that this kind of magic happened with a movie, not only in Telugu. There are many memories since the title was given. The movie Dil will happen. Just then Sukumar told Arya’s story. I confidently said that I am making a film. Bunny heard the first half in the morning, and he heard the second half in the afternoon. Later, Aravind garu added some changes. He said that it is not for me to repeat the same story that Sukku has told, and he will leave. Then the talks stopped. Later, discussions started due to Satyanarayana Reddy. Bunny and Aravind came to the office and heard the story. Then, he listened while writing each scene. After the story was over, Aravind stood up and shook his hand. That’s how the movie started. Later, there were many friendly fights between me and Sukku. Arya movie was made by adding every single moment. Bunny got a makeover for this movie. While there is a running track scene in the film, we put the cut-out related to it on the opening day of Annapurna. Allu Ramalingaiah kept looking at it like that. He must have thought that one day he would rule the industry. That became true today. The reason why Bunny is where he is today is because of his efforts. Bunny is taking each step with fear and responsibility. That’s why he became an All India star. He scored a sensational hit at the All India level with Pushpa 1, a combination of Bunny and Sukku. Now with Pushpa 2, they have made the whole world wait. Hats off to both. I have done 56 films as a producer. But the enjoyment journey found in the movie Arya was never found again. We enjoyed the success yatra with the audience for as many days as the movie was playing. The movie Arya has turned all our lives.”

Star director Sukumar said, “I and Vema wrote the script of Arya together. Both of us were working as writers under editor Mohan. We took a loan of 10 thousand from our friend and came out with the idea of directing. That’s how Arya’s journey started. When I told the story to Raju garu, he said that if the movie Dil is a hit, we will make the movie. Even if he gave me the script to remake the movie, I said I will not do it. Then the story of Arya movie started. At such a time, Dil Raju garu believed in my story and gave a chance to a new director. I am indebted to him for the rest of my life. This movie would not have happened if Raju garu had not given such courage. The second reason for making the movie Arya is Bunny. He sat and made the film without leaving the story. Bunny is the reason why I am standing like this in reel life and real life. Then, Devi Sri Prasad was a sensation. After listening to the first story, he gave the tune of Feel My Love song. I don’t like doing item songs. But I had to do it with Devi Sri. After that song became a hit, I put an item song in every movie. As far as I am concerned, my music is Devi Sri Prasad. Shiva Balaji.. Thanks for accepting the role. His combination with Bunny is well done. Subbaraj, looks same even after all these years. I learned many things from Ratnavelu garu. When I told the story to Chiranjeevi garu, they wanted to tell it for 20 minutes. But if I was telling the story, he listened for three hours. He said that the story of the movie is very good. He also said that if the film is made, it will be a hit. Shirish and Laxman were very supportive. It seems like the movie happened yesterday. Thanks to everyone.”

Icon star Allu Arjun said, When Dilraju garu met me on my birthday, he said “”Arya” will be 20 years old this year.” I said we will definitely celebrate then. Talking about the movie Arya.. the biggest unforgettable moment of my life. I will say that it was the movie that changed my life. The movie Gangotri became a hit.. but I did not get recognition as a person. I could not create my mark. I sat empty for a year. I used to listen to three stories a day. I used to watch movies. Anyway, I was determined to do the film. I am listening to the story, but the magic is not hitting anywhere. Then hero Tarun was my good friend. He called me and said Raju garu is organizing a special show of Dil movie for me. I’m going to see. Will you come too? I have seen the movie twice. I like the movie. However, I went to Prasad’s lab and there Sukumar saw me. He said he will tell the story. I like the story as it was mind-blowing. I wanted to make a film like Idiot. When Sukumar was telling me the story of Arya.. I felt like this is my idiot movie. We struggled a lot. I strongly believe that the story is very good. Special thanks to Vinayak on this occasion Vinayak came to our house and told me that you can make film with Sukumar, trust me.. That boy can make a film very well. That word strengthened us. We did a trial shoot for a week. Sukumar directed the movie brilliantly. Everyone believed that this movie will be a great sensation. Music by Devi Sri Prasad. Devi Sri was the star among all of us then. I can’t tell you about Arya’s film journey in words. All those who worked for this film became directors. It is not that we all agreed to this film.. It was a turning point for the Telugu film industry. The movie opened only 40 percent on the first day. There was talk that it was a ten-week film. Me and Sukumar were a bit dull. My father said that it is great to have a talk of ten weeks on this stage. With confidence I said to my father that Arya will run for 125 days and it ran and I received 125 days shield from Megastar Chiranjeevi garu. If I had to use a metaphor to explain what Arya is to me, I would call it the biggest jump in my life ever. I was at – 100. I didn’t start at zero. I started Gangotri at zero. Despite its success, I couldn’t make a mark. It was my mistake. From – 100, I went to + 100 (because of Arya). That is a 200 percent jump. I can’t top it in my life ever. Many more hits can come and go, but it is the biggest jump, and it will always be. It is needless to say how important a role Devi Sri Prasad played in that success. Devi took the film to the next level with every song. And Ratnavelu garu captured the scene brilliantly. I learned from watching Ratnavelu garu that art is not about money, it’s about passion. Thanks to everyone including Anu Mehta, Babloo, Chitram Sreenu, Subbaraj. The reason I am standing like this today is because of the movie Arya. If we start from there, now we have reached Pushpa Dil Raju is making great movies. Devi Sri prasad is creating a sensation in the whole of India with back-to-back billion albums. Ratnavelu garu is doing the biggest movies in India. I am also making good films with your support. Thanks to the Telugu audience for supporting us.