The hotel owner reveals Allu Arjun’s kindness

Allu Arjun who is starring in Pushpa under the direction of Sukumar, yesterday shocked all by visiting a roadside hotel and having tiffin there. Now Kalavalli Siva, who runs a hotel in a hut at Krishnunipalem, Gokavaram Mandal, East Godavari district, speaking to scribes, recollected what exactly happened.

He said he couldn’t recognize that it was Allu Arjun when he stopped his car suddenly, came to his hut, and ordered onion dosa. He said after tasting the dosa, he praised the taste and when he refused to take any money, Allu Arjun shocked him by giving him Rs 1000. He said he also paid another person who works in his hotel Rs 500.

Shiva said “Allu Arjun was very friendly & showed warm gesture towards me. He enquired about my wellbeing and after finding out that I am financially not well off, asked me to come to Hyderabad and promised to give him a job. “

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