The Director Defends Vulgarity And Violence

Mahi V Raghav is a highly talented director renowned for his films like “Pathasala” and “Yatra.” Recently, he caught the attention of the audience with his engaging web series called “Save the Tigers.”

However, he surprised many when he unveiled the trailer for his new web series, titled “Shaitan,” which received a shocked and disappointed response.

The trailer of “Shaitan” faced significant criticism from the majority of viewers due to its explicit vulgarity and graphic violence. Many expressed their disappointment, feeling that such content was unexpected from a director of Mahi Raghav’s caliber.

During an interview, Mahi Raghav attempted to justify his decision to create the series. However, his explanations were highly subjective and sparked intense debate among the audience.

Opinions were divided, with some defending the director’s artistic freedom, while others strongly condemned the explicit language and scenes depicted in the series.

The interview itself gained attention for its explosive nature as Mahi passionately tried to convince the audience that there was nothing inherently wrong with pushing boundaries in terms of language and content in a series.

As the release of “Shaitan” drew closer, anticipation and curiosity grew among viewers, who were eager to see if the series would live up to the controversial trailer.

The discussion surrounding the web series highlighted the ongoing debate about artistic expression, censorship, and the limits of creative freedom.