Telangana Election Thriller: Exit Polls Spark Dueling Confidence

In Telangana, the voting process is done, and exit polls from credible agencies like Chanakyya, CNN-News 18, and others predict a tight win for Congress. KTR, from BRS, mentioned that they shouldn’t be discouraged by these predictions, citing how similar polls in 2018 were incorrect. He initially anticipated 80+ seats for BRS but now feels confident about securing 70+ seats.

Revanth Reddy, Telangana’s Congress chief, also exuded confidence, urging their supporters to celebrate the expected victory beforehand. He emphasized their commitment to pro-public governance, taking a dig at KTR by questioning whether he’d apologize to the exit polls if Congress forms the government as predicted.

Both KTR and Revanth projected confidence, claiming their victory as inevitable. The actual results will be disclosed on December 3rd, and anticipation is high for the real verdict. This public display of confidence by KTR and Revanth Reddy sets the stage for a thrilling countdown until the official results on December 3rd, shaping the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Telangana election outcome.