Tamannah showcases her wild side -Here’s how?

Tamannah is always known to be out of controversies. But looks like she has changed now with time. She is doing bold shows now and is ready to explore the world and come out of the good image that she is carrying.

A sample of this was seen in the Sam Jam show which is being hosted by Samantha. Not many know that Tamannah has a no-kissing clause in all her contracts. So, Sam asked her, if she would break that bond and kiss one guy in the heroes who would that be. Without thinking once, Tamannah said she wants to kiss Vijay Devarakonda.

Tamannah showcases her wild side -Here's how?
Tamannah showcases her wild side -Here’s how?

Also, Tamannah said that if she gets a chance then she would definitely party all night and get high. Such statements of her have become a hot topic in the industry. She is not the one who is known to be bold but the manner in which she is taking has shocked many.

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