Tamannah Gets Trolled Badly

Tamannaah has been attracting attention for her shift in approach when it comes to her work on OTT platforms. Unlike her previous theatrical films, she has been taking on roles that involve bold scenes and kissing scenes.

Recently, Tamannaah shared a promotional video for her upcoming Netflix original series, Lust Stories 2. In the video, she describes the show as a “family story” that encompasses love, romance, emotions, and action, suggesting that it can be enjoyed by everyone. However, after viewing the teaser and trailer, viewers have been trolling Tamannaah for promoting Lust Stories as a family-friendly show.

Some netizens expressed their amusement, stating that such content is not suitable for watching with families in Indian households. They criticized Tamannaah for performing bold and kissing scenes in her films and then misleadingly promoting them as family films.

Others humorously pointed out that viewers are primarily interested in the hot scenes featuring Tamannaah, rather than the stories themselves. They urged her to stop promoting the family-friendly aspect of her projects, as it is of little significance to the audience.

While Tamannaah’s concept of a sexy family film has invited trolling on social media, it inadvertently generates publicity for Lust Stories, which carries an erotic vibe and will be available for streaming on Netflix from June 29th.