Sushanth’s father posted these questions in his FIR against Rhea?

Looks like Rhea Chakraborthy is in big trouble now as the cases against her have gone serious as Sushanth’s dad has filed a five-page complaint against the actress who was his son’s ex-girlfriend. Well here are some of the key questions raised by Sushanth’s dad.

When Sushant did not suffer from any mental illness before 2019, what happened to him after coming in contact with Rhea Chakraborty?

If Sushant was suffering from a mental illness and undergoing treatment, why was the family’s permission not taken?

What were the medicines are given and the treatment that doctors were administering to Sushant?

Why did suddenly Rhea leave Sushant alone and broke all contacts with him when she knew he was in a critical situation?

Why was Rs 15 crore transferred from the Sushant’s account in Kotak Mahindra Bank to another bank account?

Why did Rhea stop Sushant from pursuing organic farming when he was looking for suitable land in Kerala with his friend Mahesh?

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