Surekha Vani Responds To Allegations

Surekha Vani has dismissed allegations of drug abuse. In the ongoing investigation of a drug racket, Cyberabad Police arrested Kabali producer KP Chowdhary and are currently questioning him in custody. Unfortunately, rumors began circulating suggesting that Chowdhary had disclosed the names of several Tollywood celebrities.

One such rumor implicated Surekha Vani, causing multiple channels to report on her alleged involvement in the drug abuse case. However, Surekha Vani promptly issued a clarification, refuting all these rumors. She firmly stated that her name has no connection to the drugs case and she has no involvement whatsoever.

Surekha Vani appealed to the media to refrain from believing or spreading rumors without concrete evidence linking her to the case. She maintained her innocence and expressed how these baseless rumors have not only affected her professional career but have also caused significant mental distress to her and her family members.