Drugs Case: Navdeep Appears Before ED

The authorities in Hyderabad, including the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Special Investigation Team (SIT), and Narcotics Control Bureau, have intensified their efforts to combat drug peddling and consumption in the city. There has been a noticeable increase in drug-related busts in recent times.

In the latest development, Telugu actor Navdeep has complied with a summons from the investigative agencies and presented himself before the ED for questioning. The ED is looking into potential money laundering activities involving Navdeep.

It is suspected that Navdeep may have engaged in financial transactions with individuals associated with drug peddling. The ED is actively investigating these allegations of money laundering.

Furthermore, the ED has sought information from the Narcotics Control Bureau regarding the Madhapur drug bust in which Navdeep had a brief involvement. Navdeep has now arrived at the ED office in Hyderabad and is actively participating in the ongoing investigation. The scrutiny surrounding Navdeep is primarily linked to the Madhapur drug bust case.