Star Actor Demanding Extra Payment

He is a popular star hero and a renowned actor known for his ability to portray both heroes and villains, which has impressed movie lovers for years. He has previously shared the screen with the star hero in various roles, including that of a father and son. Once again, the director of the star hero’s latest film has decided to cast the character artist in their project.

However, the movie’s shooting has faced multiple delays due to script issues, causing the star character artist to reschedule his allotted dates several times.

Now, as they prepare to start shooting again, the star character artist feels that his previously allocated dates were wasted. Consequently, in order to accommodate the new shooting schedule amidst his already busy agenda, he has made a fresh demand for remuneration. He states that he will only return to the sets if his new financial terms are met.

Left with no other alternatives and without a better actor available to portray the character, the director and producer are now considering the idea of meeting the actor’s additional demands. Filmmakers sometimes need to be cautious in their planning, as certain actors prioritize the “time vs. money” concept over ethical considerations or generosity. Ultimately, the audience desires entertainment while actors require fair compensation.