Stage set for MAA elections

Stage set for MAA elections

The Annual General Body Meeting of Movie Artistes Association (MAA) happened yesterday in a virtual way. Author Member and Disciplinary Committee President Krishnam Raju headed the gathering.

Sparkles flew with senior individuals who talked and interrogated regarding different turns of events. What stunned everybody is Mohan Babu entered the scene and addressed how MAA sold a structure obtained at cheap cost at loss. He said he was disheartened at that decision. It is realized that MAA gained a structure spending an incredible sum yet was subsequently sold at a modest cost under Naga Babu’s tenure.

During the gathering, Krihsnnam Raju and Murali Mohan told the individuals that they will give lucidity over MAA elections in seven days. In any case, every one of the individuals felt that within 21 days of the AGM, elections ought to be held and that brings the dates September 12 or 19 into thought. Some suggested September 13 and 26th. MAA will before long demand the Telangana Government consent to lead elections following Coronavirus protocol.

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