Shocking Response For Salaar On OTT

Upon its theatrical release in December, Prabhas’ film “Salaar,” directed by Prashanth Neel. Received a mixed response, with a significant portion of the audience finding themselves perplexed by the numerous characters and intricate political dynamics. However, since its arrival on Netflix, “Salaar” has experienced a more favorable reception. Even Tamil audiences, who initially refrained from watching it in theaters, are now captivated by the grand scale and vision of the movie.

Running for 3 hours, “Salaar” might have proven tiring and exhausting for some viewers in cinemas. However, on OTT platforms, audiences tend to exhibit more patience for films with extensive world-building. The ability to rewind and fast forward allows them to comprehend the intricate storyline and screenplay, a luxury not afforded in theaters. OTT audiences are particularly drawn to key scenes such as Prabhas’ first fight, the interval fight, the Kaateramma fight, and the pre-climax scenes, which they watch on repeat mode while fast-forwarding through less engaging scenes, especially those involving Shruti Haasan and Easwari Rao.

The moments of elevation in the narrative provide the much-needed thrill for digital audiences. The positive reception to “Salaar” on OTT bodes well for the potential record-breaking openings of the second part. The anticipation is high for when Prashanth Neel and Prabhas reunite for the sequel, “Salaar: Shouryaanga Parvam.”