Sherlyn Chopra’s stunners about Bollywood stars wives

Sherlyn Chopras stunners about Bollywood stars wives

Sherlyn Chopra is known for her bold, hot, and explosive roles and of late she is making startling allegations. Recently Sherlyn exposed Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra in a porn videos case. Now she came with stunners regarding Bollywood star’s wives.

She released an old video in which she spoke about a Shah Rukh Khan’s party which she attended. In the video, she alleged “I was shocked to see what was happening there. I started wondering if I had entered the wrong place. I saw star wives snorting cocaine in the washroom, in front of the mirror. I soon left the scene because I didn’t want to be associated with that activity. I saw that everyone was chilling in their own zone. After acknowledging Shah Rukh Khan and his friends, I left the party. At that time I realized what all was used for celebration in Bollywood. Here people believe that until you don’t serve drugs at a party, one won’t get the ‘kick’ or ‘josh’.”

She added “Yes, initially, I was forced to snort but I never dared to try drugs as I was already struggling to quit smoking, which I eventually quit in Oct 2017 after having been a chain smoker for several years,”

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