Samantha Gets A Shock From The Court, Her Fans Extremely Furious

Samantha Gets A Shock From The Court Her Fans Extremely Furious

It is known that Samantha dragged three youtube channels and an analyst for posting derogatory comments on her post her divorce from Naga Chaitanya. Samantha filed a defamation case and she requested the court for an early hearing. However, the court rejected her refusal and also asked her to seek an apology from the rival parties rather than post personal messages and come to them.

Finally, the court passed its verdict. It was a mixed bag for Samantha as the court asked the youtube channels and also the analysts to remove all the links. It however asked Samantha not to post personal messages on social media. The court did not entertain Samantha’s lawyer arguments trying to draw similarities between her case and that of Shilpa Shetty’s case where the court passed an injunction order restraining media not to post derogatory content against Shilpa Shetty regarding her husband’s porn case.

Court’s order however turned her fans extremely furious. They are angrily questioning “Samantha is the victim in this case. The YouTube Channels have posted derogatory content. Only removal does not suffice the wrong they committed,” They are also questioning “What about the mental agony she has suffered? The court should have reprimanded them for making false accusations. This verdict should have been a lesson to everyone involved in mudslinging and intruding into the lives of the celebrities in the name of freedom of expression,”

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