Sharwanand to Replace Vishwaksen

Vishwak Sen has agreed to star in a film directed by Arjun. As a result of Vishwak Sen’s behavior, Arjun dropped him from the movie. Industry insiders were surprised by their fight. After Vishwak dropped out, Arjun wants to restart the project with another hero as soon as possible. There is a discussion about who the hero is.

Vishwak Sen to be replaced by Sharwanand?

Arjun appears to be looking for a Telugu hero once again. There are also many names in the list that are becoming viral on social media at the moment. It is reported that Sharwanand, another actor with excellent commitment, would be a good choice for Arjun. In addition to preparing a fully bound script, Arjun has also finalized some songs. The music was composed by Anup Rubens, while the words were written by Sai Madhav Burra.

How likely is Sharva to agree?

By telling Sharva the full story soon, Arjun hopes to convince him. Sharwanand is also considering doing different stories. Despite his successes, he has also been somewhat frustrated for quite some time. He is currently working on two films. It will take a few more days to find out if he will complete the project left by Vishwak.