Senior Hero Spending Sleepless Nights Over His Daughter

Party culture is rapidly increasing and celebrities are the ones who get the attention for their party culture..

The celebrities of the south especially star daughters are known for conservative nature been seen partying alot these days.

As per the sources, a star celebritie’s daughter’s lifestyle is affecting him alot and giving him sleepless nights.

A few senior heroes from Tollywood is experiencing tension and losing his sleep over his daughter’s ongoing divorce rumors in the public domain. Other senior hero is brooding over his daughter’s relationship rumors that are going viral on social media. Another senior actor is spending sleepless nights over his daughter’s dating.

But among them, a senior star’s daughter’s activities are coming out in the public domain so much so that she became talk of the town. The actor is at his wit’s end as everyone is aware of where his daughter is and with whom she is having relationships and whom she is dating. Under these circumstances, all eyes are on what will be the next step of the senior actor and how will his daughter react to it.