Samantha’s New Sympathy Game

It seems like Samantha is still struggling to move on from her divorce with Naga Chaitanya, as she continues to bring up their past relationship in public. Recently, during an interview about her upcoming film Shaakuntalam, she made claims of being advised by her family and friends not to do an item song in Pushpa. Additionally, she spoke about her health condition, stating that she needs to wear glasses due to her inability to see clearly.

While it’s admirable that she’s been fighting against her Myositis diagnosis, it’s worth noting that Samantha tends to reveal such personal struggles during the release of her films, which raises questions about her intentions. Many people speculate that she’s doing so to gain sympathy and turn the focus towards herself.

It’s clear that Samantha is trying to gain sympathy and perhaps even accuse Naga Chaitanya once again, while he remains silent about the whole matter. It’s important for her to move on and focus on her career, rather than continually bringing up her past relationship and personal struggles for attention.