Raja Vikramarka Review

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Kartikeya ,Tanya Ravichandran, Sai Kumar, Sudhakar Komakula, Pasupathy, Tanikella Bharani and others

Director: Sri Saripalli

Producer: ’88’ Ramareddy

Music Director: Prashanth.R. Vihari

Cinematography : P.C.Mouli

Editor: Jeswin Prabhu

Banner: Sree Chitra Movie Makers

Release: November 12, 2021


NIA officer Raja Vikramaka (Karthikeya) disguses himself as a LIC agent and enters the Home Minister Chakradhar (Sai Kumar)’s house with the help of LIC Manager (Harshavardhan). He falls in love with Kranti (Tanya Ravichandran). Why does Raja Vikramarka enters Home Minister’s house and what is his motive, what is the life threat to him and how Govind Narayan (Sudhakar Komakula), Guru Narayan (Pasupaty) are connected should be unraveled watching Raja Vikramarka on the screen.


Karthikeya performed well in the role of an NIA officer. He flaunted his well toned physique in the action scenes and attracted with his romantic and hilarious antics. However he should improve his expressions in important scenes. Tanya Ravichandran who made her debut with this film looked cute in her looks. She showcased her dancing skills performing to a traditional number. She is within her elements carrying herself sedately.

Sai Kumar performed well as the retired police officer who goes on to become the home minister. Tanikella Bharani is good as the boss of Karthikeya. Pasupathy got a limited role as an antagonist. Harshavardhan attracted with his comedy. Sudhakar Komakula of Life Is Beautiful fame surprises all as an antagonist in the film. However, he should also improve his expressions as he did not show any variations. Others performed accordingly.


Sri Saripalli came with an action romantic entertainer on debut to score a hit. He came with a tailor made role for Karthikeya. However the entire story turned out to be routine and he failed with his screenplay and direction. Everything turned out to be predictable right from the word go and the romantic and comedy elements looked forced and they slowed the pace of the film. Characters of Karthikeya and others are not written in a strong manner. The outdated elements, silly narration and execution spoiled the entire output.


Prashant Vihari’s music did not made any impression. The songs failed to register in the minds of the viewers. He elevated the scenes with his background music. Editing of Jeswin Prabhu left a lot to be desired.. Cinematography of Mouli is good and he shot the action scenes in an interesting manner. Production values are good. Director Sri Saripalli should have worked on the story and the script before proceeding ahead with the project.


Few action scenes
Few comedy scenes


Routine Elements
Predictable narration
lack of twists and turns

Final Talk

Raja Vikramarka misses the mark