Producer walked out of RX100 hero movie

RX100 fame Karthikeya Gummakonda shot to fame with the movie and turned out youth icon within a very short time. It seems he couldn’t handle his career and his next bombed at the BO due to his overconfidence. Well, all his craze fizzled out with one utter flop and it is high time for the hero to prove himself again and deliver another blockbuster hit to survive in Tollywood.

Well, the hero has two films under belt – Guna 369 and ML 90. As per the latest reports ML 90 movie producer Miriyala Ravinder Reddy walked out of the project as the movie budget is going out of control. Karthikeya couldn’t find another producer and to keep the ball rolling, his brother is looking after the production of the ML 90. Well, ‘Hippi’ debacle had crashed the young hero market and one may feel that these circumstances are the repercussions of the ‘Hippi’ debacle.