Producer Dil Raju Launched The M4M Teaser In The USA

Films that fall under the genres of suspense, crime, and thriller are getting good reception in theatres as well as OTT. Under these circumstances, director-producer Mohan Vadlapatla is bringing the crime thriller M4M (Motive for Murder) to the audience. The teaser of this movie starring Jo Sharma and Sambeet Acharya was launched by star producer Dil Raju in America. The teaser has set the bar high for the movie.

The teaser is a spine-chilling one. The police are after the psycho killer who is on a killing spree. “State Police Na Ego Ni Touch Chesaru… Nenu Aade Ee Aatani Evvaru Aapaleru…” warns the psycho killer who is roaming the city like a normal citizen. However, he wears a mask during the action to hide his identity. Who is he? What’s the motive for all the murders? We need to wait till the film’s release to know the answers for these questions.

Jo Sharma looked apt in the role and she impressed with her intense performance. Sambeet Acharya is cool in his role.

The “M4M” movie teaser and promo song were launched in five languages by Dil Raju at Cine Lounge Cinemas on June 6th, 6PM at Fremont, BayArea USA. The event was a great success with a full house. The launch was hosted by M4M’s director, Mohan Vadlapatla, and the Heroine Jo Sharma. Dil Raju praised the M4M (Motive for Murder) Movie teaser and song, which were also well-received by the audience.

The teaser indeed is engaging all through. The visuals and production values are very high. The background score rightly complements the visuals. Audiences in the USA, including youngsters, are heaping praises to the M4M teaser and waiting to watch the movie.

M4M is produced by Mohan Media Creations, in association with the American Production company McwinGroupUSA. This film will soon be released in five languages Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.