Pragya Jaiswal Shares Her Covid Recovery Process

Pragya Jaiswal is romancing Balakrishna in Akhanda and she is waiting eagerly for the film’s release. In the midst of all this, Pragya got a huge shock when she got covid for the second time, though she got fully vaccinated. Pragya speaking to scribes shared her covid recovery process.

She said “I was shocked when I tested positive for the second time despite vaccination,”She added “I immediately packed my bags and isolated myself in another apartment to keep my parents safe,”

Pragya revealed, “I am just taking it easy at the moment; I’m taking the multi-vitamins, fruits and fluids as advised by the doctors, eating healthy, sleeping well and just building my immunity.” She continued “Endurance helps recovery, that’s what I realised when I was infected the first time,”

Pragya added “My family is next door and my mom has been sending me yummy healthy food all day so that’s where I’m getting my energy from. My mother’s food is healing.”