Prabhas To Team Up With Anushka Once Again

Prabhas and Anushka – this combination is truly something special! It’s not just on-screen but off-screen too, their pairing creates a unique kind of magic. After “Baahubali,” this combination hasn’t been seen in any other film.

Of course, there are reasons for this. Anushka has distanced herself from films, and that’s one of the factors. However, with the movie “Miss Shetty, Mister Polishetty,” Anushka is back to the movies.

Her re-entry film has been a big hit. So, Anushka is once again a hot topic in the news. It seems that Anushka is gaining attention, particularly for her role as a senior heroine in this context.

In this same context, Prabhas has also come into the picture. It’s known that Prabhas and Maruthi are working on a film together, with Malavika Mohanan as the leading lady.

However, what makes this film interesting is that director Maruthi has created a special character just for Anushka. He managed to convince Anushka to be part of this project. The response to Anushka’s involvement is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, there is a strong bond of affection between Prabhas and Anushka, and it’s well-known to everyone. Prabhas jokingly says that it’s not Anushka, but only she can answer that.

Despite all the publicity, it remains to be seen whether this combination will translate into a successful movie. No doubt, it’s an intriguing prospect!