Prabhas Surprises His Guru

Prabhas, often fondly called ‘Darling,’ is not only a huge star but also known for his genuine humility and kind-hearted nature. Despite his immense success, he remains down-to-earth, especially in his respect for elders and his endearing struggles in busy environments.

Recently, Prabhas celebrated a special day by honoring his Guru, Satyanand, who has mentored several big names in the industry. On Satyanand’s birthday, Prabhas surprised him with a carefully chosen golden watch, capturing the moment in a heartwarming video. In the video, Prabhas humorously mentioned the challenge of finding a watch with a small dial and playfully advised his Guru to take care not to misplace the precious gift.

This touching incident actually happened in 2021, but the video has recently gone viral, highlighting Prabhas’s kind gestures and warm-hearted nature. Meanwhile, fans eagerly await the release of ‘Salaar,’ an action-packed film set to hit the screens on December 22nd. Directed by Prasanth Neel and featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran, the movie is expected to make a significant impact. Prabhas is also involved in Maruthi’s untitled project and the intriguing dystopian drama ‘Kalki 2898 AD,’ showcasing his diverse and captivating film choices.