Prabhas Disappoints His Fans Once Again

Pan-Indian superstar Prabhas celebrated his birthday in Europe, where he is currently engaged in the shooting of three projects while having several others in the pipeline. The much-anticipated trailer for his upcoming film “Salaar” was anticipated to release on his birthday but has now been postponed to November. Interestingly, the “Salaar” team unveiled a birthday poster with minimal fanfare, and Prabhas is also actively involved in the shooting of Maruthi’s film, yet there was no official birthday poster or announcement from that team.

Prabhas is also part of the high-budget film “Kalki 2898 AD,” but there has been no recent update from the film’s production team. This lack of updates has left Prabhas’ fans feeling disheartened, as they were eagerly awaiting news about the various projects.

Prabhas is expected to return to Hyderabad this weekend, and his November schedule is packed with commitments. “Salaar” is set for release on December 22nd.