Popular Tamil host Chitra found dead in her room

As shocking news to the entire small screen audience, popular Tamil host Chitra died by committing suicide in the early hours of Wednesday. Reportedly, Chitra hanged herself in her room at a five-star hotel in Chennai.

As per the Tamil media reports, Chitra’s fiance Hemanth was also with her when in the hotel room when the incident happened. Talking to the media, Hemanth said that after coming to the hotel room, Chitra went to another room and didn’t come out for a long time. When opened the room door with the help of the hotel staff, Chitra was found hanging herself to the ceiling fan.

Chitra was famous among households for her character Mullai in the Tamil series Pandian Stores. She also did a couple of celebrity talk shows and got engaged to Chennai based businessman Hemanth recently.

Cops filed FIR and started an investigation on Chitra’s death case.