Pooja Hegde Ignores Mahesh And Pawan For That Hero?

Recently, Pooja Hegde turned down offers for two major films. One is Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Karam’ and the other is Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’. However, it’s now revealed that Pooja Hegde has landed a big chance.

In a movie featuring a lesser-known actor, Pooja Hegde has been offered the female lead role. And this lesser-known actor is none other than the lead in a film. If the budget is relatively low, the risk factor is also lower.

During the time of Guntur Karam’ and ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’, Pooja Hegde declined lucrative remuneration offers, but now, she has bagged a bumper chance in this new film.

If we probe further, more layers of the story unfold. A prominent director is presenting this young actor in a way that marks a significant project for him.

Similarly, a top production house is backing this film with immense prestige. The lead who entered the film background brings credibility to the project.

But who is this lesser-known actor? What’s the plot? What’s happening and what’s going to happen, only time will tell. Lately, the whispers in Tollywood suggest that Pooja Hegde’s absence is making noise. In this young generation, taking up such a big project is indeed a special move!