PM Modi’s Biopic In Telugu?

Though Vivek Oberoi featured in a biopic on PM Modi that didn’t fare well, plans are underway for another biopic in Telugu. The highly anticipated film, titled “Vishwanetha,” is set to depict Narendra Modi’s leadership journey, with expectations running high that his third term in office is merely a formality. The talented CH Kranti Kumar will be at the helm of this prestigious production, produced by Kashireddy Sarath Reddy under ‘Vande Media Private Limited.’

Featuring a stellar cast including Abhay Deol, Neena Gupta, Anupam Kher, and Pallavi Joshi, “Vishwanetha” aims to bring Modi’s life to the silver screen with captivating narrative and remarkable performances. Directed by the promising CH Kranti Kumar, the film has enlisted Kalabhairava, son of Oscar winner MM Keeravani, for the enchanting soundtrack. With pre-production completed, the production is gearing up for filming.

“Vishwanetha” is set to visually capture significant moments in Modi’s leadership, such as the abolition of Article 370, Demonetization, GST implementation, and the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. The film aims to portray these impactful events that resonate with millions, offering a cinematic representation of Modi’s historic and transformative leadership. Positioned as a cinematic journey beyond political boundaries, “Vishwanetha” seeks to pay homage to the greatness of Narendra Modi.