Pawan planning Akira’s powerful entry?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has an enormous fan following irrespective of how his movies do. For quite a while Pawan Kalyan’s child Akira Nandan has been hoarding the media spotlight.

Numerous fans began requesting Akira to make his entrance to the cinema. Renu’s mother was openly asked and she said Akira is too youthful to even consider choosing and his objectives change once in a while. Sources uncovered that even Mega Star Chiranjeevi talked with Pawan Kalyan in regards to Akira’s introduction.

Presently buzz is that Pawan Kalyan is arranging Akira’s fantastic launch. It is realized that Bandla Ganesh, top producer and fanatic enthusiast of Pawan Kalyan is loading compliments on Pawan Kalyan and surprisingly called him Devara. Sources say Pawan is giving the obligation of launching his child Akira on him and he requested that top directors think of an incredible and intriguing story for Akira. It must be seen who will direct Akira and how this will shake the entire box office.

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