Pawan Kalyan Is Getting Too Busy

Pawan Kalyan is shifting his focus from cinema to politics. Currently, he is actively involved in political activities while balancing film shoots simultaneously. He is managing to handle both areas of interest efficiently.

While political decisions and important meetings are happening on one side, Pawan Kalyan is also busy with film shootings on another front. This dual commitment is keeping him on his toes. Sometimes, the tension and workload from both spheres of his life are quite evident.

Some sections of fans are concerned that this juggling act might affect the quality of his films. The recent rumors surrounding his film “BRO” fueled such concerns. Currently, he is shooting for “OG” and is expected to start working on “Ustaad Bhagat Singh” soon.

There are speculations about whether the limited time he’s dedicating to filmmaking will impact the quality of the content. These concerns are being voiced by some fans who worry about whether he can deliver high-quality content within such a tight schedule. Harish Shankar, the director, seems to be making efforts to manage their concerns, and he recently addressed them on social media.