Pawan Kalyan Gets Angry On Harish Shankar

After a decade since delivering the blockbuster hit “Gabbar Singh,” director Harish Shankar is teaming up with Pawan Kalyan once again for an upcoming film. However, the project has already been surrounded by controversy.

Minister Mallareddy recently revealed that he was approached by Harish Shankar to play the villain in the film, but he declined the offer. This caused some tension between Pawan and Harish, as the latter did not inform Pawan before approaching a politician for a role.

While Mallareddy denied the proposal after a one and a half hour-long meeting, there are reports that Pawan was unhappy about approaching a politician for a role without his knowledge. The fact that Mallareddy belongs to the BRS party, which is anti-BJP, and casting him as the villain opposite Pawan, who is a BJP supporter, could create complications.

Pawan’s frustration with the situation is due to Harish’s lack of consideration for the potential fallout. There are rumors that comedian Sunil might be cast as the villain instead, and a look test has allegedly been done. However, Harish’s sources have denied this.

Initially, Malvika Mohanan was rumored to be the female lead, but her name was later replaced by Pooja Hegde. With these twists and turns already happening, it remains to be seen how this film will turn out.