Parannageevi was a waste of time and money says Kathi Mahesh

Kathi Mahesh always makes controversial statements and he has done the same once again. He acted in a film called Parannageevi which was made against the star director RGV but did not work one bit.

Kathi Mahesh in an interview has opened up about this very clearly and said many interesting aspects about it. He says “the film portrays RGV’s character as a womanizer, drunkard, and a careless filmmaker. RGV himself attributed all these qualities to himself in several interviews. So, showing the same in a film will not give any effect”.

Kathi Mahesh also says that Pawan is a caste-based leader now and is fighting for Kapu reservation. Kathi Mahesh is a controversial man he also spoke about his single life in detail and says that he is happily living alone.

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