Overconfident Nani Insults Sukumar

During a recent media interaction, Nani, who is all set to release his upcoming film “Dasara”, made a statement that has been deemed controversial by some.

In his statement, Nani noted that Sukumar, who is famous for his work in the Pushpa series in Telugu, had the film dubbed in four other languages where he isn’t as well-known. In contrast, “Dasara” director Srikanth is not recognized in five languages, indicating the difference between the two directors.

Nani was asked why he is attempting to achieve Pan-India success with a new director rather than an experienced one. In response, he hinted that Sukumar was only recognized in Telugu when he released Pushpa, and it was only after the film’s success nationwide that he gained recognition elsewhere.

However, it is unfair to say that Sukumar’s success is limited to just the Telugu-speaking audience. He has a proven track record of successful films that have been dubbed in Hindi and viewed in other languages, such as Rangasthalam and Arya. Sukumar’s name is also well-known on platforms such as YouTube and OTT in multiple languages.

It is essential to acknowledge that Sukumar’s success extends beyond Telugu-speaking audiences. However, some discussions within the industry have questioned Nani’s seemingly overconfident attitude in his statements. While it may work out in his favor, any missteps could lead to negative feedback and criticism.