Nithin Lays All his Hopes on this Director

Nithin, who became a household name after the blockbuster of his debut movie ‘Jayam’ has delivered two more hits ‘Dil’, and ‘Sye’ in a row. However, his career hit a low after that and Nithin hasn’t scored a hit for close to a decade. At one point in time, he was depressed and even was ready to give up acting.

But, the success of ‘Ishq’ directed by Vikram Kumar gave him a ray of hope. He delivered another hit ‘Gundejaari Gallanthainde’ and an average grosser ‘Heart Attack’ after that. Nithin’s career is going smoothly after ‘Ishq’. He scored his career’s biggest hit with Trivikram’s ‘A Aa’ and ‘Bheesma’ was Nithin’s latest hit.

Nithin’s next movies ‘Rang De’, ‘Maestro’, and ‘Macharla Niyojakavargam’ turned out into disasters and now he’s pinned all his hopes on the director Venky Kudumula who directed ‘Bheesma’. Both the hero and director have teamed up for the second time and the movie will hit the floors once Nithin completes his movie with Vakkantham Vamshi.