Niharika Disappoints Them

Usually, fans of Telugu heroes or the audience in general may not appreciate women from the hero’s family taking up glamorous roles or engaging in bold content in films. This sentiment often leads to resistance when someone from the hero’s family expresses a desire to become an actress. Fans prefer to see their favorite hero’s family members avoid involvement in the glamour industry.

Niharika Konidela, too, faced similar challenges early on in her career. However, she showcased her talent and capabilities with the successful web series “Mudda Pappu Avakaya,” where her characterization resonated well with the audience. Following that, she made her debut in the Telugu film industry but did not achieve significant success, despite receiving appreciation for her performances. It is worth noting that she did not undertake glamorous roles in the movies she acted in.

After getting married, Niharika took a break from acting. She made a comeback with a new web series called “Dead Pixels.” Unfortunately, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the series, as they found it difficult to accept even a hint of bold content. Niharika portrayed a character with some adult dialogues, which fans deemed unnecessary for her. However, aside from the bold content, the series failed to offer substantial content and failed to attract viewers.

It is important to note that the dialogues and scenes that fans complained about are simply fictional elements within the context of the web series “Dead Pixels.” The characters portrayed in the series are flawed and not intended to be ideal representations of good people. Therefore, there is no valid reason for the mega fans to be unhappy with the web series, and they should not adopt a chauvinistic attitude. They do not possess the right to dictate what Niharika should or should not do.