Allu Arjun Expresses Support For Pawan Kalyan’s Political Journey

In a heartwarming gesture, Icon Star Allu Arjun took to social media to express his unwavering support and love for his uncle, Shri. Pawan Kalyan, as he embarks on his political journey.

Allu Arjun tweeted on X, “My heartfelt wishes to @PawanKalyan garu on your election journey. I have always been immensely proud of the path you’ve chosen, dedicating your life to service. As a family member, my love and support will always be with you. My best wishes for achieving all that you aspire for.”

This message underscores the strong familial bond between the two renowned figures in the Telugu film industry and highlights Allu Arjun’s admiration for Pawan Kalyan’s commitment to public service.