Nani’s Overconfidence Irks The Industry People

The Telugu film industry has been abuzz with talk of actor Nani’s upcoming movie Dasara, which he has been promoting with a level of confidence that some find concerning. In recent interviews, Nani has been comparing Dasara to blockbuster movies like RRR and KGF, which has raised eyebrows among industry insiders.

What’s more, Nani has also been making comments that seem to belittle other filmmakers, specifically Sukumar, the director of the highly anticipated movie Pushpa. Nani has indirectly hinted that the director of Dasara, Srikanth Odela, is better than Sukumar, which has not gone down well with some in the industry.

While confidence is an admirable trait, some believe that Nani’s overconfidence could backfire on him. Comparing Dasara to movies like RRR and KGF, which are widely regarded as some of the biggest hits in Indian cinema, is a risky move, as it raises expectations that may be impossible to meet. Furthermore, belittling other filmmakers is never a good look, and it risks alienating audiences who are fans of those filmmakers.

If Dasara does indeed fail at the box office, it remains to be seen how Nani will react. Will he take responsibility for his behavior and apologize to those he may have offended, or will he continue to exhibit an overconfident and entitled attitude?

Nani’s confidence in his upcoming movie Dasara is admirable, it is important to remember that humility and respect are also essential traits in the film industry. The movie also features Keerthy Suresh as the female lead and is slated for this summer release.