Nani On Why Top Directors Not Working With Him

Throughout his film journey, Nani has embraced a diverse array of roles, endearing himself to audiences with his versatile performances. His knack for selecting scripts has garnered admiration, regardless of the outcomes. In an interview, Nani revealed that he has never actively pursued directors to collaborate with him. Instead, he highlighted the appreciation he’s received from directors like Trivikram and Sukumar for his work.

When questioned about why these esteemed directors hadn’t partnered with him, Nani explained, “They are occupied with consecutive projects featuring Mahesh Garu, Pawan Kalyan Garu, Bunny, Charan, and Tarak. While many top directors discussed ideas with me, various factors led those plans to not materialize.”

Expressing his approach to his career, Nani emphasized, “I prefer a continuous flow in my work and dislike pauses. If I’m genuinely captivated by a story, I’ll pursue it. I’ve collaborated with directors like Rajamouli Garu and Gautham Menon Garu, and the future may hold collaborations with other top directors. I don’t strategize; I go with what resonates with me in the moment.”