Nani Is Not Ready To Repeat The Mistake

The movie ‘Dussehra’ exceeded its expected budget and faced delays in its shooting schedule. However, acclaimed actor Nani believes that if everything had gone according to plan, ‘Dussehra’ would have achieved great success.

Despite the budgetary challenges, ‘Dussehra’ managed to surpass expectations and left the producers delighted. Nevertheless, it is speculated that a further reduction in the budget could have yielded even greater benefits for the film.

Nani has decided to employ the same approach for his upcoming projects, aiming to achieve the best possible results within a limited budget. This decision has been seen as a boon by the producers, and Nani is urging his team to complete the film’s shooting in the shortest time possible.

Fans of the talented actor are applauding Nani’s adherence to these principles, as he applies them diligently to his latest film, ‘Nani 30’.