Mohan Babu to answer Pawan Kalyan’s questions only then

Pawan Kalyan in his blistering attack on the AP government headed by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy even fired powerful questions to Collection King Mohan Babu and asked him to question the wrongdoings of the AP government as he is related to Jagan Mohan Reddy before it is too late.

Many wondered whether Mohan Babu will ever reply to Pawan Kalyan. But much to the surprise of everyone Mohan Babu replied but did not answer any of Pawan Kalyan’s questions.

He posted “I am happy that you slowly dragged into the issue. Currently, MAA Elections are underway. You are aware that my son Vishnu is contesting for the post of MAA President. Elections will be completed on October 10. Right after that, I will wholeheartedly answer all the points you have raised. Before that, you have to do an important thing. I request you to cast your valuable vote to your brother Vishnu Babu and his panel and make them win the elections. “

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