Mohan Babu makes a big announcement-Excites fans

Mohan Babu

Bhakta Kannappa is Mohan Babu and Vishnu Manchu’s dream project that was supposed to be bankrolled for a long time now. But things never took off as the budgets were high and not many were interested.

Yesterday, Mohan Babu revealed that the film will see the day of the light and will be made on a budget of 60 crores but the time has not come as of yet as there is a lot of work pending as of now.

But Mohan Babu shocked many in an interview when he said that he will turn director very soon. This is shocking news and was never expected from Mohan Babu. Though he did not reveal what kind of a film that he is going to direct, he made it clear that he will take the plunge very soon.