Mehreen Shares Manchi Rojulochaie Secrets


Mehreen, Santosh Sobhan’s Manchi Rojulochaie is releasing on Novmber 4th. The film directed by Maruthi promises to be a laughing riot. Mehreen speaking to scribes shared Machi Rojulochaie secrets. She says “The subject is treated in a fun way, but it is laced with emotions and family values. I love the way the director, Maruthi Sir, has packaged it,” Mehreen is seen in the role of a software engineer falling in love with her colleague.

She revealed “The drama unfolds when the elders come to know about it; the treatment is unique and the role also brings out my comical side,” and added that the film was shot in 30 days. She added “We shot non-stop; we started shooting after the second lockdown,”

Mehreen added that she missed signing sprees. She added “It always feels good to be on a signing spree; work keeps us on our toes. In fact, I missed signing back-to-back films during the lockdowns. Although I enjoyed the initial three months, as I got some rest, later, being away from work started to affect me. Covid taught everyone a lesson, and now I respect my work even more than before,”