Mehreen Gets Angry On The Director

Mehreen Kaur, who made her debut as a leading lady in the movie ‘Krishna Gaadi Veera Premagadha’. And subsequently appeared in several successful films, gained a favorable reputation as a commercial actress. However, despite initially heading towards a happy married life, Mehreen decided to call off her wedding due to differences of opinion following the engagement. It appears that she chose to prioritize her career and has been focusing more on her fitness.

The reasons behind Mehreen’s career slowdown are unclear. Recently, she has been experiencing a decline in opportunities. Although she had a major success with ‘F3’ last year, Mehreen’s fitness seems to have become a hindrance to her prospects. Reportedly, a director offered her a role as an aunt, but when approached to portray the role of a mother to a five-year-old child, Mehreen declined, stating, “I won’t do it.”

The rejection of a role as a mother to a five-year-old child raised eyebrows, as it is perceived as a missed opportunity by Mehreen. In contrast, older actresses like Tamannaah continue to receive promising roles as heroines.

It is unfortunate that Mehreen’s career seems to have taken a downturn, and the reasons behind the decline in opportunities remain uncertain. However, it is important to remember that the entertainment industry can be unpredictable, and actors’ choices and circumstances can greatly influence their career trajectory.